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Meet the founders

Boutique Wine And Education To Build Your Confidence And Your Palate

At WINECULT we want to take the world of wine from ‘exclusive’ to ‘inclusive’ and expand the American palate through engaging, enlightening, and entertaining wine education - while we enjoy a nice buzz.

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Your Expert CULTivators

Geena Bouché

Owner, founder

"I love introducing people to hard-to-find wines and producers. There is so much to explore in the wine world, and it's imperative to have a guide to help you discover the most unique treasures.

My goal when starting WINECULT, was to make wine education and acquisition accessible for everyone. I would be honored to lead you through your wine journey and help you become a more confident, and adventurous wine drinker!"

Aaron Lober

Owner, founder

"My wine journey started in Santa Barbara's tasting rooms over a decade ago. It's hard to encapsulate the energy and excitement of those first footsteps down this path. Along the way, so many wonderful, brilliant men and women have guided my journey, pointing me towards new facets of the industry to explore. I still draw boundless energy and excitement from interacting with every new member who joins the community.
When we founded WINECULT, all I wanted to do was pay the kindness and support I had received forward to the next budding wine enthusiast. As our community has grown I've become increasingly focused on the potential for WINECULT to reshape the American Palate. There is an entire world of winemaking out there that I am so excited to share with you"


Director of scents

“I work tirelessly to sniff out the coolest wines for you to taste and assist with all local wine deliveries."
WINECULT dog Poppy


Our mission is to diversify the American Palate by exposing wine enthusiasts to the very best, sustainable, boutique producers the world has to offer - all while engaging and educating so you can enjoy the experience of wine more deeply.
- Geena & Aaron
After nearly a decade working in the Santa Barbara wine industry, we had made more than our fair share of connections with vendors, producers, and local wine aficionados. Geena was looking for an opportunity to apply her expertise from managing tasting rooms to her own project. As it happens, at the same time, Aaron was finishing his MBA and looking for a new business to start. With a shared love for wine and wine enthusiasts in their hearts, they set out to solve one of the biggest and longest-lasting problems in American drinking culture. 

Everyone struggles to build their confidence and knowledge-base when we first start exploring wine. We frequently don’t truly know what we’re looking for, and we’re afraid to pay hefty prices for something we’re so unsure of in the first place. That’s where WINECULT comes in. To curate and cultivate a fantastic selection of boutique wines, while helping budding wine enthusiasts increase their knowledge, improve their tasting skills and cultivate their own passion for fine wine. Making sure everyone takes home more than just that first bottle.

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The Vinification of a Brand

Our Values

The most important aspect of any wine isn’t it’s history, the winemaking, the price, or the flavor. It’s the experience of the drinker. At our core, we believe that creating unforgettable wine experiences for folks requires attention and care and we strive to deliver that for every single one of our customers. We believe in being on a first name basis with all our members and that will never change.
The very best experiences are always shared. We have been so blessed to be adopted by the Santa Barbara wine community and that experience has shaped us in such important ways, that we decided to start a company with the stated purpose of giving more people access to that community and others like it. We create open free virtual events because we believe that embracing new people and inviting them warmly to join our journey is the best way to evangelize for the world of wine.
The environment that produces wine and sustains each of us is a fragile one. We are all responsible for nurturing and protecting it to the best of our ability. We work with small, sustainable producers because they share our belief in being stewards of the land. We will forever support sustainability efforts throughout the industry, doing hand deliveries ourselves whenever possible and offering money back for customers who recycle our shipping material.