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Virtual tasting

Come share a glass with us and enjoy learning the insider's secrets about what you’re sippin’ on.

Our Virtual Tastings are an opportunity for you to laugh and connect with a growing community of wine enthusiasts from the comfort of your own couch. We not only help guide you through your tasting but also teach you what to look out for the next time you touch lips-to-libation.

A virtual tasting pass gives you access to our full library of public events, as well as tons of other great wine content from our many partners

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See What A Few CULTmembers Have To Say About Their Sippin’

"Exceptional wine in each delivery, great selection in the shop and incredible customer service. I wholeheartedly recommend WINECULT to anyone looking for a higher caliber of wine club."
- Marcus R.
"Exciting new wines every month, convenient shipping and a great community. This is an awesome wine club experience!"
- Ari G.
"I took one whiff of this wine and immediately realized that this was a much much better wine than I am accustomed to purchasing. There are subtleties and nuances in the aroma that entice. The proof of the Pinot's quality is that Gail (my wife), who is not a red wine person, loved it too!"
- Henry D.