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Island Wines - a Virtual Wine Tasting Series

Join us on July 23rd at 6pm PST
- $280
- small | $65.00- Large
Islands are dreamy vacation destinations. But many islands are also producing some of today’s most exciting wines. Each island is unique with different climates, terroirs, and wine styles. But what wine producing islands have in common are that grapes are often grown in close proximity to major bodies of water. In addition, most islands were originally formed by volcanic activity resulting in soils with ample minerality. Some say that volcanic soil enhances a wine’s aromatics, perhaps making these wines more enticing. Join WINECULT, Please The Palate and Wine Weirdos as we island hop and explore the delicious wines from four islands – Santorini, Sicily, Canary Islands and Madeira!
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Each wine tasting will be segmented by country on the dates below and hosted Virtually over Zoom:

Santorini - July 23rd, 6pm PST
Sicily - August 6th, 6pm PST
Canary Islands- August 20th, 6pm PST
Madeira - September 3rd, 6pm PST

You can participate in 1, 2, 3, or all 4 classes, we are offering discounted rates that increase as you purchase more classes and all wines that you select will be shipped together at the same time the week of July 19th. Make your selection in the drop down and check off the countries that you would like to explore. Please note that we will be doing these classes in a specific order, so select the classes that you know you will be able to participate in based on their corresponding dates.

If you want to participate in all 4 classes please purchase your bundle before July 15th! 

***Note which countries you would like to taste along with us in the "Order Notes" section in check out***

What wines will we be tasting?
We will be tasting one white and one red wine from each island. The exact wines will be released before we ship the wines out. Each country's tasting bundle includes: 2 full bottles of wine, tasting notes, a history of each variety, stories about the winemakers, and food pairings. You will receive the Zoom invite a couple days before each class.

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Interested in learning more about our virtual tastings and events? Check out our tasting room here. We can't wait to meet you!
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