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La Battagliola 202 Lambrusco

Dry, sparkling red?! Get it while you can, this wine is bomb!
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The wine pours an intense ruby red with fruity aromas of cherry, raspberry and blackberry; in the palate it presents a good structure, lively, with an acid-crisp.
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Variety - 100% Grasparossa

Winemaker - Alberto Salvadori

Appellation - Lambrusco, Castelvetro, Italy

Vineyard - La Battagiola

Alcohol - Case Production - N/A

Vinification and Elevage - primary fermentation with native yeast for 7 days. secondary fermentation in stainless steel pressured tanks. The wine is left ageing on the fine lees for at least 4 months.

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Lambrusco Grasparossa

Until a few decades ago Lambrusco was a peasant, simple, rustic wine, but has come a long way as farming practices and winemaking techniques have improved. How's this sparkling red made? The bunches are pressed, the must starts to ferment thanks to the yeasts present on the skins, then it's bottled with still unfermented sugar inside. The fermentation starts again spontaneously as the yeasts wake up from hibernation. This technique is called the Ancestral method and is used throughout the world today. Lambrusco Grasparossa finds its ideal habitat on the hills of Castelvetro. It's dark, full, tannic, much less sharp, indeed round in its own way, fruity, with returns of plums, cherries, chocolate, mint, and strawberries. Also produced in sweet versions for dessert wines.

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