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Pax Mahl 2021 Trousseau Gris (Rosé)

hello summer wine! aged in a concrete egg (crazy!)
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Bright, fresh and clean, with supple yellow and white tree fruits, pronounced floral aromatics, and exotic spices, this California original is all about having fun and enjoying life with a glass of wine in your hand. Crushable and delicious, and will delight with almost any type of cuisine you can throw at it or to drink all by itself.
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Variety - Trousseau Gris

\Winemaker - Pax & Pamela Mahle

Appellation - Russian River Valley

Vineyard -  Fanucchi-Wood Road Vineyard

Alcohol - 11.7%

Case Production -  n/a

Vinification and Elevage - 4 Month élevage in Neutral French Oak and Stainless Steel Free SO2 at bottling: 4ppm. 100% Concrete Fermentation

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Trousseau Gris

Trousseau Gris

Trousseau is a dark-skinned wine grape originally from Jura, northeastern France, but which has made its way over the centuries to vineyards in northwestern Spain and various parts of Portugal. As one might expect of a well-traveled variety with a long history, it goes by various names, the most notable of which are Bastardo (Portugal), Merenzao and Verdejo Negro (Spain).

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