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Sovi 2019 Non-Alcoholic Red Blend

Enjoy on hikes, bike rides, kayaking, and more!
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Our Be Bold red blend is dry and rich with notes of black raspberry, dark cherry and baking spices. On the palate, velvety tannins lead to a long finish. This one's for the Cabernet lovers and can stand up to a variety of foods.
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Variety - Non-Alcoholic Red Blend

Winemaker - Julia and Alex Littauer

Appellation - Clarksburg, CA

Vineyard - N/A

Alcohol - Less than 0.5% ABV

Case Production -  N/A

Vinification and Elevage - The wine is fermented in stainless steel, partially aged in French and American oak barrels. What is Alcohol Removed Wine? Traditionally it starts out with a regularly made wine, in this case a red blend. Next, the alcohol is removed with vacuum distillation - the wine is distilled at a low temperature in a vacuum to keep all aromas and flavors. This gently boils off the alcohol. Then a small amount of regular grape juice concentrate is blended into the alcohol removed wine to create the perfect flavor. Finally, the wine is canned.

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Red Blend

A blend of several Spanish and French grape varieties

In the US, a red blend is essentially any domestic wine that's not made from a specific grape variety. Winemakers blend grapes because it allows them to reach desired flavor profiles that a single grape variety could not achieve on their own. Common red blends in the US often feature Cabernet, merlot and either cabernet franc or petite verdot. However there are many other common red blends including grenache, syrah and mourvedre often referred to as a GSM blend. In France, these blends would most commonly be named for the reason from whence they hail. For example, the Bordeaux blend or Rhone blend respectively.

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