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Virtual Events That Will Have Your Company Counting the Days Until Their Next Zoom

Arynetta Northcutt
Arynetta Northcutt
March 23, 2022

The truth is, no matter how hard we try (and we have all tried), to unite our organization in the common goal of cyber-celebration, often our virtual events can give off a certain “home video” scent.  

Whether it’s stale activities, weak interaction, or an overall lack of true connection, companies are struggling to engage their employees beyond the polite “awwe, that’s cute.”

The result: buffering attention spans.

Well, nobody is going to press the pause button at your next company event.  

See, in today’s online entertainment space, specialized companies are offering custom-curated activity-based virtual events prioritizing engagement, enjoyment, and a first class experience.  All while taking care of the heavy lifting of making sure that any and all items are delivered directly to the participants home.

So whether you’re looking for your next team building bonanza, client appreciation extravaganza, or regular ol’ remote meeting, here are WINECULT's three virtual events that will have your company counting the days until their next Zoom.


Unleash Your Martha Stewart

You know what works at every event? A well-crafted charcuterie board.  They’re those decadent spreads of divine cheeses, savorous meats, and seasonal vegetables that the entire office gravitates to IRL.  

Though, not all charcuterie boards are created equal.  There is an art to the craft.  And, for your remote team, this art will pay dividends.  See, we’ve already learned that participating in pleasurable activities can cause our brain to release dopamine.  You know what else causes a dopamine release?  Indulging in pleasurable foods.  

German Scientist report that eating causes the release of dopamine in your brain not once, but twice.  First, the feel-good hormone is unleashed as you eat. But the same thing happens again once that food hits your tummy

Here, you, and your team, can experience a triple-feel-good-whammy when you learn the art and craft of curating and crafting the perfect charcuterie board, complete with wine tastings from sustainably farmed vineyards.  Then, bonus of all bonuses, you get to eat your masterpiece.

Martha would be proud.      


You Can Never got Wrong with Chocolate

Especially multiple chocolates, delivered directly to your home, with a flight of perfectly paired-wine.     

There is a reason why chocolate is so addicting.  Research in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology tells us that even just the smell of chocolate can have a positive affect on our mood.  It goes on to say that chocolate “stimulates the release of endorphins,” and “may interact with some neurotransmitter systems such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, that contribute to appetite, reward and mood regulation.”   


That’s a whole lotta science to say it can make us feel real, real good.  

And your entire office will relax into feel-good fabulousness as you sip wine, learn tips on how to taste, discuss winemaker backgrounds, and discover other amusing tidbits (about the vintages, and about each other), all while exploring the complementary combinations of chocolate and wine. 

Your office won’t know what they did to deserve such a decadent treat, but they’ll take it.    


Get Crafty with Your Co-Workers

Who’s your office Picasso?  Time to find out.  Because, you know those adorable art classes where the attendees sit and sip while painting their own individual masterpieces?  You can now do that virtually, as an organization, libations included.  And, when you turn to a wine company to handle the event, we’re talking expertly selected vintages sourced from exquisite boutique vineyards, guaranteed to elevate your employee’s experience.  Want to keep it alcohol free?  They also include non-alcohol and alcohol-removed alternatives.  

If art’s not your fancy, there are multiple craft options to keep your office engaged in their activity, while spending quality time together, in the comfort of their own home. 

And, there are research-proven reasons why this crafting time together is rated even higher on the quality scale.

See, the rewards centers in our brain release dopamine when we engage in pleasurable activities.  And when it comes to “pleasurable activities,” it turns out that crafting counts. 

When you craft with your co-workers as a team, you will experience the benefits of that dopamine release––including bolstered mood, improved self-confidence, and reduced stress overall ––collectively.

An added bonus––long after the activity is complete, seeing the finished result displayed in the home can cause repeated hits of the feel good chemical.  That’s a meeting that keeps on giving.


We may be living in a bit of a virtual world, but these events prove that you, and your office, can have IRL remote fun.

P.S.  All packages come with alcohol-free and alcohol-removed, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

Arynetta Northcutt

Arynetta Northcutt is a professional storyteller who revels in sharing the sagas of life, fictional and non-fictional alike, in front of, and behind, the camera. When not acting or writing, you can also find her, among other things, teaching mindfulness and meditation to children through her animated character, Effie Monroe.

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