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Tablas Creek 2019 Tannat

Your next favorite full bodied red if you love Cabernet Sauvignon and want to try something new
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A lovely juicy blackcurrant and sweet licorice nose, given lift and definition with spicy juniper and alpine forest notes. On the palate, mouth-filling flavors of black cherry, sweet tobacco, and dark chocolate, lots of chalky tannic structure but the friendliness and fruit to carry that even in its youth. A long, plushly tannic finish of bittersweet chocolate and brambly blackberry completes the experience. A Tannat to make new friends and converts for the grape. Drink any time over the next two decades.
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Variety - 100% Tannat

Winemaker - Neil Collins

Appellation - Adelaida District Paso Robles

Vineyard -  Tablas Creek Estate Vineyard

Alcohol - 14%

Case Production -  1179 Cases Produced

Vinification and Elevage - The Tannat grapes were destemmed and fermented using native yeasts. We aged it in one foudre and a mix of new and older smaller barrels for nearly 2 years before bottling it in April 2021, and then aged it another 10 months in bottle before release.

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100% Tannat

Tannat is a red-wine grape whose origins lie in the Basque country, on the border between France and Spain. Here, in the shadow of the Pyrenees Mountains, the terrain is rough and rugged, so it is only fitting that Tannat should create wines which are equally deep, dark, dry and rustic. In the vineyard, Tannat is one of the easiest varietals to grow. It is frost hardy and a solid producer whether trellised or head-pruned. Yet unlike most of our other red varietals (most notably Grenache) it is not prone to overproduction, and we do not have to thin the shoots to keep production down. Its berries have thick skins, which make it resistant to powdery mildew and botrytis. It ripens in the middle of the ripening cycle, typically in late September or early October, and we can harvest it nearly every vintage at numbers that we consider ideal: around 24° Brix and a pH of around 3.3. The sole difficulty with growing Tannat is its thick stems, which cling tightly to the berries and can be difficult to de-stem at harvest.

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